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Seaon´s End! A big THANK YOU

Published 14.05.2012


A huge THANK YOU to all the interested people, who came out to over 40 shows all across Austria. If you told me in autumn, that the tour will be such an incredible success, I would not believed!!

I enjoyed every single of the wonderful evenings with you. Thanks as well for the warm feedback, that many of you told me and made me "feel" during the shows. It is a big pleasure to see, that some of my seeds are growing...

In deep thankfulness, Reinhold.

Big slide show tour starting

Published 24.01.2012


A warm welcome to my spring tour! I am very excited about the interesting time up to come. There will be almost 30 shows all over Austria, starting with a series in Upper Austria. I am glad to see you there! All the best, Reinhold.

Spring tour 2012 - Shows all over Austria:
So, 5.2.2012, 19.30Uhr, Hellmonsödt, Pfarrsaal
Di, 7.2.2012, 19.30Uhr, Hagenberg, Pfarrsaal
Mi, 8.2.2012, 19.30Uhr, Linz, Pädagog. Hochschule HS1, Kaplanhofstr. 40
Do, 9.2.2012, 20.00Uhr, Wels, Soundtheatre Wels
Fr, 10.2.2012, 19.30Uhr, Braunau, Gaststube Hotel Gann

Di, 28.2.2012, 19.30Uhr, Freistadt, Salzhof
Do, 1.3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Losenstein, Pfarrsaal
Fr, 2.3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Steyr, Treffpunkt Dominikanerhaus
So, 4.3.2012, 18.00Uhr, Helfenberg. HOTH Music Lounge/Fabrik
Mo, 5.3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Prambachkirchen, G-Werk
Di, 6.3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Ried im Innkreis, Pfarrsaal Riedberg
Mi, 7.3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Attnang-Puchheim, Bildungszentrum Maximilianhaus

Do, 8.3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Engerwitzdorf/Katsdorf, SOLARier Haus, Bach 8
Mo, 12. 3.2012, 19.30Uhr, Graz, Vorklinik, Hörsaal 06.01
Di, 13.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Weitra, Rathaussaal
Mi, 14.03.2012, 19.30Uhr, St. Andrä-Wördern, Musikschulsaal
Do, 15.03.2012, 20.00Uhr, Purkersdorf, Stadtsaal
Mo, 19.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Kufstein, Fachhochschule
Di, 20.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, St. Veit im Pongau, Klingelbergsaal LKH St. Veit
Mi, 21.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Salzburg, Uni Sbg, Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Hörsaal 381
Fr, 23.03.2012, 19.00 Uhr, Lienz, Atelier Tschapeller
Mo, 26.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Innsbruck, Haus der Begegnung
Di, 27.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Altach, Veranstaltungszentrum KOM
Mi, 28.03.2012, 20.00 Uhr, Bludenz, Remise Bludenz
Do, 29.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Schwaz, Pölzbühne
Fr, 30.03.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Inzing/Tirol, Volksschule
, 17.04.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Weitra, Stadtsaal
Mi, 18.04.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Allhartsberg, Allhartsberger Hof
Sa, 21.4.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Pressbaum, Vereinsmeierei
Di, 24.04.2012, 19.00 Uhr, Eisenstadt, Volksbildungswerk
Mi, 25.04.2012, 19.30 Uhr, Wien, TU Wien - Freihaus Hörsaal 1

-> All upcoming shows in Austria

Das Herz des Abenteuers

The heart of the adventure
7000km on foot
From Austria to the edge of the Sahara and back


Merry christmas and a big thanks

Published 23.12.2011


An exciting year is coming to the end. When I look back, it seems to me unbelievable, how many big and small things have happened this year. I am deeply thankful for the beautiful and intense time.

Especially I would like to say thanks to all of you, who came out to my shows and dived into the "heart of the adventure". Only because of you we experienced so many inspiring moments and encounters.

Now we arrive to the promising year 2012. Maybe it will be in fact the year of the big change. I am convinced, if every single woman and man leaves the role of the spectator and becomes the change herself or himself, than we could start a new era soon.

I wish you a blessed christmas time and a - promising - new year. All the best, Reinhold.

Show 'The heart of the adventure' coming up soon

Published 05.09.2011


While the tomatoes got red in the last couple of weeks, my show has grown steadily. It will be an exciting and spirited story about the heart of the adventure, about the deep experiences you make when you set off on foot to explore the world. Of course, there will be many wonderful pictures, funny stories and inspiring thoughts about happiness, life and nature.

Das Herz des Abenteuers

The heart of the adventure
7000km on foot
From Austria to the edge of the Sahara and back

I will be on tour with my show all around Austria. Be there! Yours, Reinhold.

New Story: The Important Things

Published 15.10.2010


I have been home now for one month. Time to get used slowly to a settled life; time to meet little by little all good friends; and time of course, to write a travel report for you.

"The Important Things", that is how I titled the story. You will find in it all the occurrences around the dream of a rubber boat ride near Munich and of the special feelings of coming home; and besides that, some first thoughts about the changes the long hike has triggered.

What´s next? For a time I will stay in Austria now to work over winter season. Next year I will start to do presentations. And then "let´s look, then we´ll see"...

See you soon, Reinhold.

Welcome Austria

Published 20.09.2010


"Sweet Home Mühlviertel": after more than a year walking I have returned to Waxenberg, Austria! Since 2008 I have totally walked 7000kms on foot, I can hardly believe it! The weather was not too bad finally, so I took a little look around in my region for some days extra. How beautiful the hills of home are! The very last three kilometers my godchildren Mara, Anna and Carina accompanied me, a funny and touching finish!

The days spun away with celebrating with family and friends, so that I did not have time yet to arrive totally. I will just wait for a couple of days more until my soul comes in...

Then I will look further, see you soon, Reinhold.

Dropping by in Munich

Published 25.08.2010


Now I have arrived to the last big stop on my way: Munich. In the last couple of days I was walking some long days, because the changing weather did not allow to hang around in the sun all day. :-)

After the break in Munich my old friend "Mehl" will join me for a couple of days - direction Upper Austria, home. I am very happy about our walk together, since we take our instruments with us to play a bit of Rock´n´Roll on the road. Let´s see what happens...

See you soon, Reinhold.


On The Way Home: Greetings from Vorarlberg

Published 12.08.2010


Time went by incredibly fast in the last weeks. I walked over the Po valley to Bergamo, then crossed the Bergamo Alps to the Valmalenco valley, where I arrived to Switzerland. I passed the villages of St. Moritz, Davos and Klosters and then, suddenly: the border stone to Austria! A very special feeling to be back home after almost a year. But I am happy about returning "stepwise" and I am enjoying everyday with great pleasure. 

After a break in Vorarlberg in Bludenz I will continue to Upper Austria, but first I will drop by in Munich to pick up a friend. And then: let´s go home...

All the best, Reinhold.


Welcome to Bella Italia

Published 15.07.2010

Buon giorno!

Welcome to Italy! I am back in Europe, slowly making my home to Austria. If sweating is as healthy as they say then I will never get sick again. The temperatures in the last couple of weeks were "pure summer", when I walked along the Ligurian coast from Genova to La Spezia, and then northbound over the Apennine Mountains to Picaenza. Bella Italia! I am enjoying good coffee and pasta and a beautiful green landscape...

At the moment I am having a break in Milano, but soon I will be back on the trails leading to Bergamo. I need to cross the Po valley now. I guess, the heat will be challenging, but I prefer sun to rain. :-)

All the best, Reinhold.

Greetings from Tanger

Published 15.06.2010


After 1200 wonderful kilometers through Morocco I have reached Tanger. I still cannot believe it! Now I will have a rest for a couple of days, then I will go onto the ferry ship to Genova, Italy...

I just finished a new travel report for you: "The beat of a different drum". It tells the story of my hike across Morocco...

All the best,

Wealth: Living well without possessing a lot

Published 10.05.2010

Hi again!

I have a new topic, which I will read and work on in the upcoming time: "Wealth: Living well instead of possessing a lot". I would like to start a discussion with you, and I invite you to post your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

--> Read more

I hope for a lot of your comments. Thank you in advance! Reinhold.

Happy Birthday RYTZ.AT!

Published 09.05.2010

Hey there!

Unbelievable but true: One year has passed since I went online with my homepage RYTZ.AT! Since then I have had exciting times on my hike, and I did my best to inspire you a little bit with my travel reports. I am glad to announce, that the number of readers has increased slowly but steadily, which pushes me further forward into the future.

At the same time I would like to thank you once explicitly for your positive feedback. I am always very happy, when some hearty lines drop in in my mailbox. Thank you very much for that! :-)

In the mean time I will continue my walk through Morocco, I have had almost 700 exciting kilometers yet. After the tiring mountains of the High Atlas I am looking forward to some more relaxing stages in the Middle Atlas. All the best from Khénifra, yours,


Greetings from the desert

Published 16.04.2010


I have arrived safely to Morocco! Having good wind and a brightly shining full moon we sailed overnight from Arrecife to Tarfaya. Now I have already walked about 300 kilometres in Morocco, and the first impression is – I do not have words – incredible. Fantastic hospitality, rich culture on all levels of life and impressive landscapes. Soon I  will discover the mountains of the High Atlas…

But for now I have a new story for you about the experiences on the Canary Islands. I just put the travel report in for you, like always with a good selection of fotos. Enjoy!


With the wind to Morocco

Published 20.03.2010


Lanzarote seems to be my island of luck! Not only because I enjoyed walking over this incredible island so much, but also because I found a boat ride to Morocco. On Monday I go on board of the sailing boat with captain Brice and his family... I am very excited about the new challenging part of my hike in Morocco and I am looking forward happily to some new adventures on the road...

I wish you all the best, the last time from the Canaries... Yours, Reinhold.

On The Road In Lanzarote

Published 01.03.2010


After a couple of weeks writing articles I have given up my "office" in Las Palmas, to get back on the road. There is an another island to be discovered: Lanzarote. I hear only good words about this island, that is why I am very curious already. Later I am planning to travel to Morocco, but still I have to wait a little bit for spring time there. I wish you all the best from the road, yours,


I am an Islander

Published 24.01.2010

Dear main land people!

My way to west seems to stop on the Canary islands, that is why I have made myself an islander for now. I have rent a flat for a month, in order to rest a little bit after the active time and to write a new story for you. It is named "The people are the way" and I have just put it in for you. It is about arriving in Santiago and above all about the very special people I have been walking with the last months.

At the moment, I enjoy it a lot having time to write. I have a little room in the wonderful old town flat with "Lartaun", where I can work peacefully. Besides that, I let some new ideas grow for the upcoming hiking season. Right now, everything is open. But I will let you know as soon as I know more...

Up to then I wish you all the best, your islander, Reinhold.

Back from the island La Palma

Published 09.01.2010


After two intense weeks in Tenerife I decided before New Years Eve to set over to the most western island of the Canaries, to La Palma. Well, I tell you people, this hike was a big challenge. I walked around the island through many many ravines, and also over all the peaks in the center of the island reaching 2400m. The differences in altitud were very tiring, but I was rewarded with unbelievable views, romantically remote villages and unique island culture.

Yesterday I got back on "main base" Gran Canaria. I have now decided to 98% not to travel with the sailing ship to South America. I will tell you soon about the circumstances and reasons for how I came to this decision. One thing is clear already: The year 2010 will be again full of many exciting crossroads on my way...

All the best, Reinhold.

Merry christmas from Tenerife

Published 22.12.2009

The search for a sailing boat was not successful so far. That is why I take a necessary break and focus again on hiking. Last week I was able to discover the wonderful nature of Tenerife island, with all aspects: wind, rain and coldness, but also sun, impressive views and diversified mountain landscapes. At the moment I am waiting for better weather conditions in order to walk up the highest mountain here, the Teide.

At christmas time, I will certainly miss family and friends, but here in the mountains I will also be able to celebrate silent and peaceful days. I am thankful about all the unpayable gifts I got here.

I wish you merry christmas and lots of energy for the upcoming year. May happiness, serenity and many laughs be with you on the way, whereever you might go!

All the best, season greetings from Tenerife, Reinhold.

Santiago, the End of the World, and Las Palmas

Published 27.11.2009

It was an incredible end on the Way of St. James. In Galicia it rained, tough, as to be expected in this season. But the force was strong and moved me and my hiking collegues over the mountains in big steps to Santiago. And suddenly, you are there. It is weird. We celebrated joyfully, then I went on the last three days to Finisterre, the "End of the world". Exactly on arriving the sun came out - everything was perfect. Everthing at the right place. A wonderful feeling.

Yesterday morning I arrived to Gran Canaria with the ferry ship. Now I will give my luck a try to catch a sailing boat towards the west. My first impression is, that I will need tons of luck. Because there is many other people holding their thumbs up, too. So send me all the energy of luck you can give. I will need it. Yours,


Fifty days on the road again - Stopping in Léon, Spain

Published 02.11.2009


Fifty days I have been on the road again. It is time to report some new adventures to you about the wonderful hike through France and Spain. I just put a new story in for you. The little pause here in Léon is fine, but soon I'll be heading on to Santiago. I have only 300kms left... then an exciting new time can begin...I am curious... All the best, Reinhold.

Low Voltage Rock'n'Roll: The music to the hike!

Published 29.09.2009

Rock'n'Roll does not come out of the amplifier, it comes directly out of your heart!

When I was hiking last year, I had the idea of a little music poject. I had been playing music for a long time, and every now and the I am kissed by the muse. That is how the AC DC song "High Voltage" became the "Low voltage Rock'n'Roll".

The idea was - just as in life - that you don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. And that the essential things come out of your heart. For that reason we only played acoustic instruments trying to get as much Rock'n'Roll out. Here are for you exclusively two songs:

Special Thanks to: Angl, Didi, Peter, Storfer and Petar for their parts, Jürgen Konrad for recording and Michael Kerschner for mixing the stuff. Without you nothing would have been possible...Rock'n'Roll is dead. Long lives Rock'n'Roll.

Further information:

On the search for happiness

Published 28.09.2009


Happiness, an old but never-out-out-of-date topic. Hapiness and its surroundings is my topic on the way over the pyrenees at the moment. I have already read some interesting books, I tell you, a very exciting story. Especially the progress in the "science of happiness" is astonishing...

I invite you to post your own definitions of happiness. Just post it as a comment in the Train of Thoughts-Section. I will collect your postings and take it on my hike to Santiago. I am glad to hear from you.

Yours, Reinhold.

Alive and kicking - The new start

Published 02.09.2009

Nine weeks have passed since I had to interrupt my hike due to pneumonia. Everything went well, but it took some time to recover. I took my time for that in order to get back on the hike only with fully loaded batteries. I am absolutely keen now. It will be a autumn hike again, but nothing bad about it, if it is as wonderful as last year. At the end of the week I will return to France, to continue walking from Le Puy. Some new adventures are waiting, I am sure...Yours, Reinhold.

Reinhold on Radio FM4 this Friday at 7pm

Published 29.07.2009

On upcoming Friday, July 31st, I am invited at the Radio FM4 show "Jugendzimmer". We will talk about the hike, simple living and all the other things we want to talk about. The show is live, so everybody can join the talk over telephone. I am looking forward happily to an interesting chat. Tune in! Below you find the link for the stream.
--> Friday, July 31st, Radio FM4, from 7 to 8.15 PM

Further information:

Tour interrupted due to pneumonia

Published 17.07.2009

The first four weeks ended up quite different as I expected. After a mix of unlucky circumstances and cold wind I got a Pneumonia. I have already paused my hike in France for three weeks, of which I spent eight days in the hospital of Le Puy. Since the situation is serious and a long recovery time is necessary, I decided to go back to Austria to recover. This decision was not easy for me, but it is the most reasonable option. I hope to be able to continue the walk in a couple of weeks, when all my energy and spirit is back.
Yours, Reinhold.

PS: You will find the latest report soon in the section "From the wanderings".

Worldwanderer 2008 - Foto-Animation about the last season by Babsi Helbich

Published 19.06.2009

Hi! As a little souvenir of the last season, Babsi Helbich has created a wonderful outstandig clip about the hike from Vienna to Lyon in 2008. Enjoy!
Dear Babsi! A big Thank You for this excellent job. Congratulation!

Further information:

Hiking through the French Central Massive

Published 14.06.2009

The next weeks I will be hiking beginning from Lyon all the way down to Toulouse through the Central Massive. I am glad to be back on the road.

Website finished - Official Launch of

Published 12.06.2009

I am very happy to announce you the offical launch of the website. We worked hard on it the last weeks, now it is ready, just in time before the start. Here you can follow the hike, soon you will find new stories from the experiences on the way.
PS: Feel free to recommend my website to others!!

The adventure goes on... Start of the Tour on June, 15th

Published 11.05.2009

After a rather long winter pause full of work I will set off again soon from Lyon, France westwards. My hiking pole is waiting there for me!
As it takes time to get my stuff together, I start a bit later now as expected. But no need to hurry, eh?