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Are you setting trends in doing business socially and ecologically responsiblly? And you are convinced that an ecological lifestyle is the way into our future? Then bring your name and your company to this site and become a partner of Just email or use the contact sheet.


The chocolate enthusiast Josef Zotter sets impulses for the chocolate market with his secret recipe of quality, regional culture, sustainability and creativity. The range of creations is huge and includes rarities like rowanberries and whisky. The full product line is produced with raw materials from organic agriculture and fair trade. The result is chocolate pleasure at its best, the pure energy for hiking.


Covering 100% of the energy demand with renewables: that is the vision of the Upper Austrian Company SOLARier, which supplies high quality solar and biomass energy systems for more than 25 years. The SOLARier community grows and grows, now up to more than 12.000 systems installed across Austria. Putting its philosophy into action, the company shows that regional and community-creating business is possible. Furthermore, 10% of the earnings are invested in public non-profit activities.


If there is a shoe which gains character everyday it is a "Waldviertler". These very long-lasting and handmade high quality shoes are produced by GEA in Lower Austria. This company, which also manufactures extraordinary furniture, attaches great importance to environmental protection and regional business cycles. My pair of "Tramper" has just been in the repair shop for service, now I do not need to worry again for thousands of kilometres. I could not wish for a better "racing stable".

Walch für Bewegliche

The outdoor shop "Walch für Bewegliche" takes care of the movement of body and soul in Western Austria and beyond. As Upper Austrians we do not always understand the dialect phrases on the shirts, but one does not need to understand everything to be friends. Here the spirit of wandering and the love to nature are cultivated. It always pays off to pass by the shop, even if it is only to get some inspiration. That's great!

Koch alpin

The Tyrolean company Koch Alpin is the leading manufacturer of adhesive climbing skins (Colltex and Countour) and the exclusive Austrian distributor of Tubbs snow shows and Light My Fire outdoor accessories. Eco-friendly activities such as ski mountaineering, snowshoeing or trekking give you the possibility of discovering the fragile beauty of nature without disruption or hurry. With a partner like Werner Koch and his team, the question of having the finest and most suitable equipment is solved.

Thermarest MSR

Cascade Designs produces our Therm-a-rest sleeping mats, MSR camping stove, MSR water filter and MSR Hubba Hubba HP tent. The company is committed to the highest quality, innovative designs, but also to the protection of wilderness areas and waterways in Northern America. With their equipment they encourage people to go into the nature consciously and to respect and preserve it. By far the largest part of their products is manufactured with high ecological standards either in Seattle/USA or in Cork/Ireland.