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The idea, or: Where do we go?

Grow, Thrive and Prosper

Rytz 2012

I was born on an early morning in May 1977 in Linz, Austria. I grew up in the landscape of the beautiful hills around Waxenberg in Upper Austria. Besides school we children spent most of our time in the surrounding woods and in the public pool. After finishing high school I moved to Graz to study Electrical Engineering.

Impressive travels and study-related stays in Spain, France and Brazil awakened my interest in topics besides engineering. I began to get involved in the areas of environmental protection, sustainable lifestyles and criticism of globalization. During my second degree – sociology, I learned more about people and social developments. During this time I discovered hiking again.

Since July 2008 I am looking for happiness in the wealth of a simple life as a world wanderer. Other interests are good literature, Ultimate Frisbee and music. All which make me happy.