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„Das Herz des Abenteuers“

Pregarten. 07.03.2023

Neumarkt im Mühlkreis. 08.03.2023

Ohlsdorf. 21.03.2023

Lembach im Mühlkreis. 24.03.2023

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Upcoming Shows
„Das kleine Zebra Amelie“

Neumarkt im Mühlkreis. 17.01.2023

Kefermarkt. 20.01.2023

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It’s not as if only a few stories, impressions and idea accumulate over the course of a 7000km hike, as you can well imagine! It will take me some time to get a comprehensive overview of my entire photo collection as well as to pick out the best anecdotes in my travel diaries.

As my trip was so diverse in nature, I have not only experienced a variety of moments that have touched me deeply, but could also document numerous examples and experiences on the topic of "how to live simply and ecologically". In 2011 I will be on tour in Austria showcasing my photo exhibition. Join the world of hiking and adventure!


ested in hosting a show, just write to me at or use the contact sheet.