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My Notebook

Wealth: Living well without possessing a lot. 07.05.2010

The 7014 definitions of happiness. 30.09.2009

Low Voltage Rock'n'Roll: The Music To The Hike. 01.09.2009

Collected Thoughts

In this section you will find some thoughts, ideas and musings that I have gathered together alongside accounts of my expedition. Every now and then I focus my research on certain topics, which are centered around the broad question that most concerns me: "How should we live in the future?" What particularly fascinates me are the essential matters and questions in life, thoughts and ideas that are often neglected in our daily lives.

Your opinion is needed

Tell me about your own thoughts and ideas. Just post your comments or write an email. I would love to fill up this little notebook together with you and your own ideas, theories and questions.