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Low Voltage Rock'n'Roll: The Music To The Hike

Toulouse, 01.09.2009

Not an essay, but a Rock'n'Roll train of thoughts. Exclusively for you!

Rock'n'Roll does not come out of the amplifier, it comes directly out of your heart!

When I was hiking last year, I had the idea of a little music poject. I had been playing music for a long time, and every now and the I am kissed by the muse. That is how the AC DC song "High Voltage" became the "Low voltage Rock'n'Roll".

The idea was - just as in life - that you don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. And that the essential things come out of your heart. For that reason we only played acoustic instruments trying to get as much Rock'n'Roll out. Here are for you exclusively two songs:

Special Thanks to: Angl, Didi, Peter, Storfer and Petar for their parts, Jürgen Konrad for recording and Michael Kerschner for mixing the stuff. Without you nothing would have been possible...Rock'n'Roll is dead. Long lives Rock'n'Roll.

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