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Travelogues & Pictures

The Important Things. 15.10.2010

Astonishing.... 25.08.2010

The Beat Of A Different Drum. 21.06.2010

The Gate To The New World. 30.03.2010

The People Are The Way. 24.01.2010

Of Sinners and Saints, of Showmen and Ghost towns. 02.11.2009

The Courage To Turnaround. 20.07.2009

Moments Of Connectedness. 29.11.2008

The Wealth Of A Simple Life. 11.10.2008

Austria - The First Contact. 10.09.2008

Tales From My Trails

Here you will find stories and pictures from my travels. I cordially invite you to embark on this journey with me to experience the magic of the world with both open eyes and an open heart.

The Route

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Where the future will take me is another story. But should my inner voice call to me again, I will follow. No matter where.